In English По-русски

Howdy and welcome! I'm Grigory Revzin from Russia's mighty Bauman University (which some of you NATO guys may know as "The Rocket Colledge"). I'm studying and working as an embedded systems engineer (STM32 MCUs are my favorites). This probably isn't of any actual interst for you (unless you want to hire me, in which case you'd better wait for approx. 3 years).

I enjoy making movies with Source Fimmaker (as well as models for Source Filmmaker), and that is probably what you're looking for here. In that case, you're welcome to browse. Just don't forget that not the whole website is alvalible in English, just the key pages and SFM stuff.

Also, I'm an admin at the Source Filmmaker Russian Community (there are like, 3 of them, but ours is the very best!).