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Grab all my SFM stuff on this page! (Well, of course, not "all" - as every decent modeler, I have my L33T PRIVATE MODELS like MaxOfS2D's poster in a frame or a double bed model).

Downloads index

  1. A More Universal SFM Rig Script
  2. A Cocktail Party Dress Femscout
  3. The Assembly Script
  4. Cocktail Sources
  5. HWM Elizabeth (The 1950s Update)
  6. Elizabeth Pack Source Files

A More Universal SFM Rig Script

Sometimes you may find out that the model you want to pose/animate doesn't like the rig_biped_simple. Like DP Films's Awesome Characters Pack.

This rig tries to fix the issue, being 100%-compatible with

  1. TF2
  2. TF2-compliant models as Femscout
  3. Valve's ValveBipeds
  4. ValveBiped-compliant models
  5. Taggart's BLACKLIGHT: TANGO DOWN Models
  6. DPFilms Character Pack
  7. And others! I don't test it on all the models, but it's written to be compatible with more models than the rig_biped_simple.

And oh, it makes a lot of small improvements to the standart one, like hiding the useless ValveBiped.forward bone or SMDImport, not hiding the fingers group, being easier to jury-rig. Please download and see for yourself! Install by dropping to Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\platform\scripts\sfm\animset\

A Cocktail Party Dress Femscout

Yeah, a Scout typically busts skulls open with a bat. But how does it prevent her from wearing pretty dresses? Not anyhow.

Meet the Cocktail Femscout, my first and damn beautiful character model! Avalible for download right about now.

The Assembly Script

This script assembles multi-part DotA 2 heroes. It's used like a IK rig script.

Installation guide:
Unzip to SourceFilmmaker\game\platform\scripts\sfm\animset\

Usage guide: There are three scripts: revzin_assemlbe, revzin_assemble_autoload, revzin_disassemble.

  1. revzin_assemble will parent every same-named bones in all animsets that follow the naming convention: e. g. if used on furion1, it searches for children in furion_cape1, furion_staff1, but NOT in furion_staff2, NOT in femscout6, NOT in furion3 et cetera. By default, if you manually add hero parts, they will be named in such a way.
  2. revzin_assemble_autoload automatically loads every part for the selected hero it can find within the same directory: e. g. if used on "furion1" Animset, it loads furion_staff.mdl, furion.mdl. Then it does exactly the same as the first one.
  3. revzin_disassemble does the opposite of the first one.

Press RMB on the hero's root - that's important - Animation Set, and under the "Rig" menu you'll find the scripts. If you use revzin_assemble, then add the needed parts manually. If you use revzin_assemble_autoload, there's no need to do it.

Note 1: The script hides the controls for the children so they don't clutter. In some cases, you may want to bring them back again, e. g. deleting a certain part. Press that gear on top right of the Animation Set Editor and click "Show Hidden Controls". Then you can make a specific control selectable by pressing RMB on its animset.

Note 2: You can safely run the script mutilple times in case you want to add more parts!

Cocktail Sources

I think that open-sourced-ness is what the SFM Community really needs. When we're doing a film and want to change some model a little (or not a little), or capture some motion for it, or just create animation for it in, say, 3DS Max, we really shouldn't have to decompile it with Crash-McCrash stabile decompilers and OMGWTF-predictalbe results. So please enjoy all the assets required to build this model! Make her fat or draw lipstick where one isn't meant to be - I'm cool with that.

HWM Elizabeth (The 1950s Update)

I wouldn't elaborate on the reasons I ported Elizabeth to Source Engine (there's been enough talk about what makes her one of the best charactres and images out there), I'll just say that it's she (read 'the Irrational Games team') who inspired me to dig around Source Engine's undocumented HWM depths, learn Python scripting for Blender and 'inventing' a new HWM pipeline that bypasses dmxedit. Also, this must be the first Russian HWM model.

Isn't she great? So let's further celebrate Irrational's creationg by giving it a very new medium.

This package contains all major Liz variations.

I must mention that this package would lose half of its quality if it wasn't for Alex Portman of DP Films and his grand job he did on hauling Liz's materials and textures to Source Engine.

Elizabeth Pack Source Files

These are the soruce files for the HWM Elizabeth pack. This large archive has everything required to edit and build the model, including the .blend file, the QCs, the DMX files, the facial rig scripts, the textures and of course an elaborate documentation PDF.

You can treat these soruces as an example of how to handle large complex SFM models if you want to. Make sure you check out the readme file first!